Cara Mengganti Tema di Wordpress

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Sebagai blogger (di wordpress), menggunakan sebuah tema di blog anda dalam waktu yang singkat adalah suatu hal yang wajar. Karena terkadang kita ingin menggantinya dengan tema-tema baru yang lebih up-to-date. Nah, untuk mengganti tema blog di wordpress, kita tidak perlu bersusah payah, karena langkah-langkahnya cukup mudah.

Berikut ini adalah langkah-langkah untuk mengganti tema blog wordpress anda:

  • Pertama, login ke dashboard blog wordpress anda.
  • Lihat ke sebelah kiri layar komputer anda, arakan pointer mouse ke menu Appearance, lalu klik Themes
  • Lalu, pilih tema yang anda inginkan.
  • Apabila ada ingin melihat terlebih dahulu, klik Preview. Apabila ingin langsung mengaktifkan theme tersebut, klik Active.
  • Selesai.

Sekarang blog wordpress anda telah berganti tema.
Sekian dulu ya, semoga tutorial Cara Mengganti Theme di WordPress ini bermanfaat bagi anda.


Ali bin Abi Thalib

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Ali bin Abi Thalib.

Mine to Possess Summary

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This book is beginning with Talin McKade, twenty-year-old-women, on her way to a bar to find someone whom she has never met for a long time and she quite sure he is there: Clay Bennet. He is a half-leopard man who is some kind of enforcer for the DarkRiver, the dominant leopard pack in San Fransisco. Arriving to the bar, Talin was showing a riot that actually involving Clay. Cast eyes on him made she recalled her past, and she began to crying.  However, Clay was almost-hearing that crying on the breeze. Its make him to finding out where it sounds came from, but there are only cars which parked across the road. Suddenly, a small Jeep moved rapidly out of the road. With his leopard-nature instinct, he chased the Jeep. He was success chased after it indeed, and forced it to stop. The driver came out of the Jeep and accosted him with a familiar voice “Hello, Clay”. After that, there was conversation between them. Talin explained why did she gave Clay the lied, but he couldn’t settle for her explanation. After that, he leaded Talin into his secret-quiet place. Furthermore, they were continuing the conversation. Talin asked Clay to help her, but Clay need quite-long time to accept her offer. After the deal, they went back to the bar to have their meals. In the bar, Clay knew that Talin had had relationship with a lot of men. After a while, Clay accompanied Talin to her apartment with filled with envy. Finishing it, he returned to the bar to drunk because of his broken heart. In the apartment, she was surprising with her mess room and she found a bloody message on the wall: Stop. Or you’re next.

Hello world!

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